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Fight Online Piracy and Reclaim Revenue

The growing demand for pirated content, fueled by easy access to P2P networks and the increasing popularity of streaming services, has resulted in over $100 billion in revenue losses for companies in the TV, music, software, gaming and film industries. As the online piracy landscape shifts and becomes more sophisticated, you need an effective solution to accurately detect, verify and enforce against copyright infringements.

MarkMonitor AntiPiracy™ provides you with a unique combination of proprietary technology, data intelligence and expertise to detect and defend against online piracy occurring around the world. The solution ensures best strategies are in place for consistent protection of digital content and delivers key insights into how piracy trends are developing.

The Landscape of Piracy Is Changing

Piracy has always been a concern for content owners such as movie studios and broadcasters, but now in addition to illegal downloading, they have to monitor known pirate sites for unauthorized streams as well as increasing amounts of popular user-generated content (UGC). Monitoring billions of infringing files requires automated technology that can both detect and accurately verify original content.

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The Industry's Most Comprehensive AntiPiracy Solution

MarkMonitor AntiPiracy takes a multi-tiered approach to help you fight piracy across all major channels and content types.

Comprehensive Detection

  • Monitor all major online channels – P2P networks, websites, streaming sites, forums – for unauthorized content
  • Protect all types of digital content including books, software, music, video and live events

Accurate Multi-Level Verification

  • Use swift and accurate multi-level verification techniques to confirm copyright infringement
  • Apply sophisticated fingerprinting technology to verify live and archived pirated video streams almost instantaneously

Effective Escalation and Enforcement

  • Access fast, multi-layered remediation options including DMCA takedown notices, cease and desist letters and search engine de-listings
  • Escalate enforcement for non-compliant sites taking advantage of our industry relationships with service providers

Intelligence-Based Piracy Data and Insight

  • Turn piracy data into actionable intelligence for fresh business insight daily
  • Make smarter decisions on acquisition and distribution of digital content

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Identify New Markets and New Revenue Streams

We protect your content against digital piracy by quickly identifying and removing unauthorized copies, which encourages legal purchasing behavior of your legitimate content and helps you recover lost revenues and create new revenue streams. Our advanced scanning technology and fast verification methods save you time and effort in uncovering new sources of pirated content and identifying gaps in distribution.

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Fully Managed, Customized Services

Our team of experts offers a fully managed anti-piracy program designed specifically for your business needs and objectives. We have years of expertise in fighting piracy and have developed rigorous standards in verifying pirated content and collecting evidence.

You can count on our global team for 24/7 support and leverage our industry relationships for faster and more effective enforcements.

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