MarkMonitor Brand Protection

Protect the brand equity and customer loyalty you've built

MarkMonitor Brand Protection™ preserves marketing investments, customer trust and revenues by assisting in the elimination of confusing and potentially fraudulent use of your brand online. Leveraging the industry’s widest access to online data sources and using patented detection technology to continuously monitor more Internet channels than any other solution, it safeguards brand equity, Web traffic, marketing investments, revenue and reputation from a wide range of brand abuse: paid search scams, unauthorized channels, counterfeit and grey market sales, false association, brand impersonation, cybersquatting and other online threats.

Brand owners can rapidly detect abuses as they occur, then respond quickly and effectively with automated enforcement mechanisms including auction/exchange de-listings, payment processing de-activation, cease and desist letters and site takedown advisories to ISPs. By clearly demonstrating to scammers an active commitment to proactive brand defense, brand owners can also measurably reduce future brand attacks.

MarkMonitor Brand Protection Highlights

  • Safeguards the value of your marketing investments — while optimizing return on ad spend and other outlays — by preventing pay-per-click scams, SEO manipulation and cybersquatting from diverting Web traffic to unaffiliated sites or to illicit sites which associate your brand with undesirable content

  • Detects the widest range of abuses more quickly and comprehensively by monitoring more online data sources — auctions, B2B exchanges, eCommerce sites, paid search, social media, mobile app stores, email and more — with greater frequency

  • Protects revenues and profits by shutting — and keeping — down sites selling grey market or counterfeit goods and reducing false warranty and customer service claims

  • Helps to prevent brand reputation erosion by defending against false association and impersonation on websites, mobile app stores, and social media sites

  • Pinpoints and prioritizes abuse through advanced analytics and patented detection technology

  • Enables greater brand protection impact with less effort by identifying high-priority brand abuse, automating enforcement measures and simplifying enterprise-wide collaboration

  • Builds confidence in your brand by warning customers away from infringing sites, until enforcement measures take full effect

  • Delivers quick results with minimum investment of resources by leveraging the Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) delivery model and Managed Services

It costs millions to build global brands — yet they’re highly vulnerable to online attacks which can severely undermine marketing investments while putting brand reputation, customer trust and revenues at risk.

These attacks make unauthorized use of trademarks in deceitful paid search ads, URLs, misleading websites, mobile apps, and spam email, in order to divert traffic to competing or even illicit sites. Pay-per-click scams and SEO manipulation (or Black Hat SEO) all enable likely fraudsters to claim affiliation where none exists, link legitimate brands with undesirable content or steer consumers to sales of unauthorized, pirated and often counterfeit goods.

The result? Marketing ROI goes negative. Billions in revenues are forfeited. Warranty, service and other costs rise for legitimate brand owners. And, left unchecked, just a few online brand attacks can permanently tarnish a brand’s integrity.

Now companies can minimize these significant, negative impacts — with MarkMonitor Brand Protection. This Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) solution monitors the widest range of Internet properties and uses sophisticated detection algorithms — including photo detection, graphics recognition and scoring technology — to scan millions of Web pages, social media sites, mobile app stores, plus eCommerce and auction sites, quickly identifying potential brand abuse.

MarkMonitor Brand Protection quickly surfaces online brand abuse, and then launches automated enforcement measures that stop many abuses in their tracks. Collaboration features let marketing, legal and other units each play their critical roles in setting priorities for prevention, detection and response. Proven technology and an unmatched level of service drive the near-perfect customer satisfaction record MarkMonitor enjoys.

Most importantly, the solution’s robust and cost-effective detection, response and prevention capabilities enable enterprises to dramatically reduce the threat of pay per click scams, unauthorized channels, potentially counterfeit and pirated goods, grey market sales, trademark abuse and other forms of brand abuse. MarkMonitor Brand Protection safeguards marketing investments while keeping brands strong and growing online.

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