MarkMonitor Partner Compliance

Optimize partner relationships and drive incremental revenue

In digital channels, partners can create a multiplier effect for brands by driving new customers and Web traffic, generating additional revenue. However, partner relationships – including affiliates, franchisees, independent representatives and consultants – may be challenged by non-compliance, with partners misusing trademarks, logos and more in their promotional efforts. Misuse, intentional or not, can siphon away traffic and direct revenues, drive up advertising costs and result in unnecessary commission payments.

Maintaining valuable partner relationships while holding partners accountable can be a difficult balancing act. And, identifying brand misuse across the Internet can be overwhelming for compliance teams. That’s why MarkMonitor® Partner Compliance is specifically designed to help brands effectively manage sensitive compliance issues across a broad range of Internet channels, including websites, online ads, social media, paid search, marketplaces and mobile apps – essentially everywhere your partners might be – globally and around the clock.

We deliver a unique combination of custom-built technology, a dedicated team of experts, and a real-world, best practices approach developed from more than 15 years of experience working with top brands across multiple industries.

No other brand protection platform can offer our global detection technology, our breadth of coverage or our consultative approach to create a true end-to-end partner compliance solution.

MarkMonitor Partner Compliance enables brands to identify, prioritize and quickly remediate non-sanctioned partner activity across the Internet, protecting brand value, increasing profit margins and defending against legal and regulatory liability.

Bringing partners into compliance with brand guidelines not only helps brands optimize their overall digital strategy, it saves money while giving those responsible for a successful partner program more bandwidth to grow relationships and drive incremental value.

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